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Hikari Economy Food

Hikari Economy Food | Fish Food

Hikari Economy Food

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SKU: Hik38378-38478


Floating, non-clouding pellets. 32% average crude protein. 

Hik38378  8lb. - medium pellet 

Hik38478  8lb. - large pellet

An Economical Daily Diet For Koi & Other Pond Fishes

Extensive research into the eating habits and living conditions of koi provided us with the knowledge to develop Hikari Economy. This economical, daily diet for koi and other pond fishes will provide them with the basic nutrition they require to live a long and healthy life.


  • Floating Pellet
  • Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten
  • Helps eliminate over-feeding
  • Reduces water quality problems
  • More Economical
  • Will Not Cloud The Water
  • Contains Stabilized Vitamin C
  • Supports immune system health
  • Promotes a long, healthy life
  • Excellent Daily Diet
  • Great basic nutrition
  • No color enhancing capacity



fish meal, wheat flour, bran, soybean meal, corn, Brewers dried yeast, monosodium glutamate.