We are back in business!  Ultimate Koi Clay - Since  2002

Calcium Bentonite Clay (100%), Natural Mineral, Montmorillonite 

Formula: Naturally occurring hydrated aluminosilicate of calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium, and iron.

Ultimate Koi Clay is a naturally occurring calcium bentonite clay, which is available from only a few of the bentonite mines in the world. It contains no less than 60 minerals and trace elements. It goes into suspension very well and is ideally suited for recirculating koi and garden ponds. 

Our clay is all-natural. We purchase it directly from the mine and have it processed to the consistency needed for your use. Nothing is added to detract from the makeup of the clay and its minerals as it is found in nature. We have made every effort to keep the cost affordable for the backyard pond and koi enthusiast.