We are back in business!  Ultimate Koi Clay - Since  2002

Ultimate Koi Clay replaces the minerals and trace elements that have been leached out of our soil and water. 

While in suspension in the water it releases minerals and trace elements, many of which have been leached out of the source water. It also magnetically attracts and binds toxins (heavy metals, free radicals, pesticides). When the fish ingest Ultimate Koi Clay it will clean the lining of their intestines allowing them to more easily digest their food. It also benefits the bacteria in the filter. 

The minerals present in Ultimate Koi Clay enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms and improves water quality. 

Addition of Ultimate Koi Clay to the soil will provide trace minerals that were lacking which will improve the performance of plants. 

                                                                  It's all about the minerals and trace elements.