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These testimonials come from Internet forums and emails during the period between 2002 and 2006. Most of the forums are no longer available.

December 3, 2002: My Torazo Sanke took Grand Champion at the North FL show. Of course, many things go into developing a Grand Champion (water quality, food, genetics, etc.), but I have been only using your clay since I first got it. I think your clay helped improve my water quality as well as helping the luster of the Koi's skin.

August 11, 2018: Hi Gene. Hope you are doing well. I heard a rumor that you may start producing Koi Clay again. Sources of quality clay have become scarce. One guy that is selling clay used to sell a good one but then had to get a new source. He asked me to try it and I believe it was mostly sodium bentonite as when water was added it became a large clump. Let me know if/when you get clay ready as I will want to try it some then buy 50lbs if it is as good as yours was in the past.

I have been using your product Koi Clay as an additive for the water in both our koi pond and water garden. It has benefited the water clarity, the fish and the water plants. After I started adding it in May of last year, within a few weeks I noticed a marked improvement in the color of the koi. One large Showa in particular had lost the intensity of the red pattern. In fact, the red on the head of this koi had faded to a washed out orange color. After a month of regular additions of Koi Clay, we began to see this pattern come back to a brighter red than we had ever seen on the fish before. It has retained the red color and is still that way today. There was also a noticeable improvement in the color of many of the fish in our pond.

After reading your product information about the mineral content of Koi Clay and that plants can benefit from it as well as fish, I decided to mix about a half cupful of the clay in with the soil in each container when we repotted our water lilies early last summer. I don't know if we can give credit to the clay, but we sure had multiple blooms all summer on all eight of our different water lilies last year. We know several people with ponds and visited many of them last year. I didn't see one with as many blooms as we had all summer. I'm not going to risk not using it for our water plants next year!

Koi Clay is one of the very best products I have ever used. After only two weeks I noticed clearer water and my koi were much deeper in color and more active. Koi Clay is not expensive and is worth a try.

We have been using Gene's clay now for about 3 months and our water has less particulates in it now. Our water always looked really good and now it is just sparkling. We will begin adding it to our koi's diet , this week. We finally got our Iseki paste food. We have always used refresh clay, but we will give Gene's a try this year mixed in with our Izeki paste food. The results should be interesting.

Two years ago I started studying the clays here in the USA. After a month or so of chasing information down I ran up on Gene and Koi Clay. Gene had done even more research than I had and had found the best mine in the US for our use. The price of koi clay was reasonable, and I have been very pleased with the results. I would not keep koi without it. It dissolves very easy as it is milled to a very fine power and dissolves very easy into water. I like the size of the containers as it is just right for a season!! After I started using it my wife sounded like a Tide commercial. The whites were much whiter, and the reds were much redder on our fish, and the water sparkled. Koi Clay is easy to use. I dump a handful into a 5-gal bucket, hit it with a hose, stir it up with my hand and dump it into my pond late in the evening. Water has that sparkling look of white water the next morning. Just wanted to tell the world of what adding Koi Clay has done for my sick pond & fish!

Around March, "Fred" our first and largest goldfish became ill (head down, fin up), and I proceeded to research and find out what to do, and what to buy to "fix" him (I did not want to give up on him). Well, nothing I tried worked and he hung on for about 2 more months. (I now think he ate a pebble during a warm spell and couldn't digest it) Anyway, all during this time the water quality got worse, the other fish were not eating very much, and I kept trying clarifying chemicals, water changes, bacteria, etc., but even the string algae was not growing like it usually does in the spring. Plants were not growing, water was pea soup, couldn't see any of the other 6 fish to check their condition.....things were not good. I have never had a serious problem like this before and didn't know what else to try (other than doing nothing which also didn't work).

I found during my research some info. about the benefits of "Koi Clay", and how it could detoxify the water and fish. Well, I figured after trying just about every chemical additive out there, I might as well try this - the benefits I read about seemed almost too good to be true. But I also knew after adding all these different additives to "fix" Fred and the water, and with the problem getting any plants to grow, it was time to de-toxify! The clay arrived in the mail and I immediately gave a big dose to the pond water and fed some to the fish by adding some to the fish food, and prayed that something would improve.

Wow! Exactly one week later, the "carpet" algae on the sides has appeared, the water is crystal clear, the fish are happy and hungry, and the plants are starting to grow like crazy! This stuff was the solution I had sought for so long!

I will now add some to the fish food by dusting it on some moistened pellets and add some to the water each week. I'm also considering taking a bath with it for myself! I just cannot believe the difference it has made in my small pond - it really seems like a miracle cure!

I haven't read any other success stories about "koi clay" like mine but hope my experience might help someone else who can't find a cure for their pond or fish. I just wish I knew about "koi clay" before I lost Fred - this stuff might have helped him survive! BTW - many thanks to all the contributors for all the great info. on this forum - I learned about "koi clay" from a post here.

Koi Clay - its a miracle

As some of you know......my pond has been a chocolate brown with green, for a few weeks after something drained most of my pond and I had to refill. The brown coming from the good algae on the sides that died and flaked off (my pond is 15' x 15' and it was down almost 3 ft - that’s lots of dead algae). The green is the green pea soup from adding new water.......the pond has been a mess.

I have been cleaning my big mechanical filter every other day, and I put in a sump pump with the hose going to the bottom of my shop vac filled with batting - and have been cleaning that every day. I couldn't even see the lily pots 2 ft down.....depressing. So many fines - it just didn't seem to be clearing at all. Last week, I ordered some koi clay from Gene......and it came yesterday. As soon as I got it, I put in a dose and a half - HOPING it would start somehow clumping some of the fines floating around.

Well, this morning, I went out, and could not only see the lily pots, but could make out the 4 rocks I have in each corner to help keep the liner down during high water in the spring. Miracle - it’s a miracle.

I added another normal dose and will do another in 2 days. I cleaned the filters...they were worse than normal, and will shop vac Sunday when I have a day off.

I also waited until Spring to start. Have been adding it three times a week for about a month now. Love the results, water clears in just a couple of hours. Another week or two and I can try adding it to their feed!

I also agree that Gene's Koi Clay has taken care of string algae. I have not really noticed my fish being brighter.... but have noticed that my water seems clearer. I was told by a special guru friend to mix it in with the koi food to help with digestion and have been doing that as well.

I have been using Genes fantabulous clay ever since he was kind enough to send it out to anyone who was interested a while back. I use it every other evening in my pond without fail. My pond is gin clear and the water chemistry is perfect. The koi enjoy swimming thru it as well. Just to make sure that I always put in the same amount I use a digital scale that measures in grams and ounces. I tbls per 1000 gallons.

I ordered an entire case from gene [60#] and I will be giving some away as samples and as door prizes on May 15th at my home where I am hosting my local clubs monthly meeting ZNA Southern California... Blue-White Industries will be in attendance as well showing their digital flow meters and answering questions about them. I have them on my system as well. Great 2# packaging Gene...love your labels & business cards.

I use Koi Clay twice a week. My koi do not have a problem with it. I make it runny or clumpy. It doesn’t make a difference to them. They will either eat it or leave it alone. My guys will play with it sometimes.

My showa's hi was a persimmon color last year. After using Koi Clay for almost a year, he has nice red hi on his head and the rest is turning darker. My sanke has a vivid hi and deep black.

It's great for water clarity. Go for it. It's good for your fish.

My order of Koi Clay arrived, and I added the recommended dosage on Thursday ~ dissolved in water and poured it in the pond ~ simple enough. My pond currently was pea soup green The next day I thought I could see it starting to clear the tiniest bit, but I wasn't sure if it was wishful thinking or not. Saturday I again was sure there was the pond was slightly clearer although I still couldn't see any fish so maybe it was just my imagination. I added a couple more tablespoons and on Sunday morning I could see every little speck on the bottom almost 4 feet down. 2 days later it is gin clear and has stayed that way. My water actually sparkles. When I went to clean the filter pads they were nasty ~ the filter seems to be working a lot more efficiently! Now I just add the Koi Clay one a week. I don't know if others have had this type of results, but I am totally sold on this stuff! I also added a sprinkle to a indoor aquarium that was experiencing an algae bloom and it cleared overnight.

This stuff is amazing ~ my neighbor asked if I had drained the pond and added new water cause she said "it was green yesterday”?

Also my water hyacinth have had a growth spurt of new shoots. The final test came on the weekend when my waterfall and one side of the pond collapsed dumping rock and mud into the pond ~ so much for my clear water. Tossed in a couple spoonful’s of KC and honestly I am not being paid to endorse this product but it was gin clear the next day ~ just had to suck up a little debris from the bottom.

I did have to rinse my filter pads every day when I was first clearing the pond (they were bad) but now that it's clear I don't need to rinse as often.

I've had the same results, and I have bad filtration. I must do extra cleaning of the filter to start with, but the water does sparkle. The stuff is magic! Plus, when buying it from Gene it is here lickety split! I've also had good results with it. I'm cycling a new biofilter and had the dreaded "green water" syndrome. It's gone now, and the string algae infestation that was starting up has fizzled out, as well.

Yes! It is wonderful stuff! Plants love it too! (mix 2 tbsp in a 2gallon watering can and sprinkle it on the foliage of your hanging baskets and potted plants! They will give you lots of new growth and shiny leaves)!

I use Gene's Koi Clay in my pond (crystal clear water) and on my plants too. This clay is amazing!

I Started using it about 3 weeks ago , & put it in the 1st 2 weeks a couple times a week , now I am only putting it in once a week , I have noticed that the String Algae that had slowly started to grow in the creek has gone & i *thought* the fish seemed brighter , the whites whiter , the red redder etc. etc. , BUT yesterday My cousin came over & made a comment that proved it was just my hopeful eyes fooling me , she said Allen , what has made the fish seem brighter ? I said KOICLAY!

ANYONE who has a pond, you really need to try this stuff, it works GREAT! I have to be honest, I thought it might be good for the fish, BUT i had no idea a redneck like myself could really see a difference & what cheaper way to rid yourself of String Algae?