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As some of you know......my pond has been a chocolate brown with green, for a few weeks after something drained most of my pond and I had to refill. The brown coming from the good algae on the sides that died and flaked off (my pond is 15' x 15' and it was down almost 3 ft - thatís lots of dead algae). The green is the green pea soup from adding new water.......the pond has been a mess.

I have been cleaning my big mechanical filter every other day, and I put in a sump pump with the hose going to the bottom of my shop vac filled with batting - and have been cleaning that every day. I couldn't even see the lily pots 2 ft down.....depressing. So many fines - it just didn't seem to be clearing at all. Last week, I ordered some koi clay from Gene......and it came yesterday. As soon as I got it, I put in a dose and a half - HOPING it would start somehow clumping some of the fines floating around.

Well, this morning, I went out, and could not only see the lily pots, but could make out the 4 rocks I have in each corner to help keep the liner down during high water in the spring. Miracle - itís a miracle.

I added another normal dose and will do another in 2 days. I cleaned the filters...they were worse than normal, and will shop vac Sunday when I have a day off.