We are back in business!  Ultimate Koi Clay - Since  2002


My order of Koi Clay arrived, and I added the recommended dosage on Thursday ~ dissolved in water and poured it in the pond ~ simple enough. My pond currently was pea soup green

The next day I thought I could see it starting to clear the tiniest bit, but I wasn't sure if it was wishful thinking or not.

Saturday I again was sure there was the pond was slightly clearer although I still couldn't see any fish so maybe it was just my imagination. I added a couple more tablespoons and on Sunday morning I could see every little speck on the bottom almost 4 feet down. 2 days later it is gin clear and has stayed that way. My water actually sparkles.

When I went to clean the filter pads they were nasty ~ the filter seems to be working a lot more efficiently!

Now I just add the Koi Clay one a week. I don't know if others have had this type of results, but I am totally sold on this stuff!

I also added a sprinkle to a indoor aquarium that was experiencing an algae bloom and it cleared overnight.